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Whole Family Care

Parenthood is a journey.
Sometimes we just need a hand to get to where we want to be.

I’d love to join your family’s team at any point on your journey!

Birth and Postpartum Services

Birth Doula Services
As your birth doula, my approach is to discuss your preferences and hopes with you in detail and explore how I can best support you and your labor support team, to share my knowledge of the standard practices at our local hospitals and help you to find the information you need to make decisions about your care during pregnancy and your birth. Learn more >>

pinkacorn“I would strongly recommend Catherine to anyone who is looking for a doula with a gentle and kind spirit and a calming and soothing presence who is extremely knowledgeable about prenatal care, labor, delivery postpartum care and breastfeeding! I look forward to working with Catherine again when we have our second child!”
~ Katie Kusner, Ann Arbor

Sibling Doula Services
Care for your children during your birth, with ample opportunities for your children to get to know me and feel comfortable with me ahead of time. With years of experience helping families with sibling adjustment, I would love to support your little ones at this exciting, unpredictable time. Learn more

blueacorn“A peaceful presence in our home, Catherine was an incredible help, especially with my two year-old who adored her.”
~ Stephanie, Ann Arbor“Catherine was great with my children. As my seven year-old son says ‘I can tell she was really paying attention to what I said.”
~ Dana, mother of three, Canton

Postpartum Doula Services
Help with every aspect of your postpartum adjustment–from rest and physical recovery to breastfeeding support; from understanding your baby’s cues, help with meals and care for older siblings to emotional support, reassurance and guidance for your individual family’s needs. Learn more >>

Postpartum Planning Consultation: An in-depth assessment of your family’s needs for the postpartum period and an individualized plan for your family including resources and strategies for sleep, meals, relationships, self-care, secure attachment, sibling adjustment and more. Can be done pre- or postnatally. Included in the Comprehensive Family Care Package. May also be purchased separately for $125 >> Contact me to request your session.

Beyond Doula Services: Check-Ins for the first year and beyond

As you transition out of the intensive support of doula services, set up some regular on-going support and benefit from the relationship and understanding developed during my time with your family. These can be one-time only, weekly or monthly for as long as you would like.

Parenting Support Check-in
If you are the only parent home, you can relax while I make you lunch or a snack and reconnect with your children. We’ll talk about how things are going for you and your family. This is not babysitting, but a mini-postpartum doula visit with an emphasis on providing you with resources and strategies for your current challenges as well as emotional support, reassurance and encouragement. Up to 90 minutes.
Included in the Comprehensive Family Care Package. May be purchased separately for $55.

Date Night Check-in
Relax and enjoy dinner with your partner while I reconnect with and care for your children. This is not babysitting, but a mini-postpartum doula visit with an emphasis on supporting your relationship as partners. If desired, we will also discuss your current challenges and resources and strategies which can help. Up to three hours. May be purchased separately for $125.

Phone Check-in
A chance to think through your primary challenges and get suggestions from someone who knows and cares about you and family. Up to ½ hour– $30.

Strategies For The Emotional Challenges of Parenting

After the first year or two, many parents feel that they are in new territory again without a map. I offer the following services to help you understand the new world of toddlerhood and beyond.

Parenting Consultations
Tailored to your unique family situation I will offer practical suggestions with no judgement to help your family out of a rough patch. Learn more

Hand in Hand Parenting Starter Class
Six-week class gives parents a complete introduction to using Hand In Hand Parenting listening tools and mentoring for using them with your unique family situation. Learn more

Understanding Tears and Tantrums Class
Three-week class gives parents the practical tools and emotional support you need to weather the emotional storms of parenting. Learn more

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