Top Ten Posts On My Facebook Page In 2016

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It’s fun to look back over my Facebook business page posts from last year to see which ones you parents liked the best, based on the number of views. Have you seen them all?

Looking at these posts as a group, they affirm what I already know about you: you care deeply about being the best parents you can be; you want the best for all children, not only your own; you respect your children and you respect that parents can make different choices from yours, and you have learned that parenting is harder than you ever dreamed it could be. You are working hard,  And, finally, it looks like we are all suckers for a clever pregnancy video or a set of twins!

Here are your favorites from this past year, along with the comments I included in my original post.


This is the message we need to hear over and over again, and then again. From each other, from ourselves:

…here is what I have found within all the measuring and the comparing and the worrying: It’s just not worth it.”>So finish that cup of coffee; open your eyes to what you do have, the good you are doing; and give yourself some grace.”
For The Exhausted Mamas Trying To Measure Up


Painful realities: “Poverty is a more powerful influence on the outcome of inner-city children than gestational exposure to cocaine,” Hurt said at her May lecture.
Decades Later, Drugs Didn’t Hold “Crack Babies” Back


My parenting class.

I love helping parents to be more connected to their children. This fall, my class was for parents of young children, ages 0 -10 years! Join me, and share with your friends! Thank you. (Here’s the info on the class coming up March-April 2017!)


What’s wrong with partners thinking a mother should be grateful for their help? One dad’s story of realizing what it means to be a partner and a parent: “This is a partnership, and I shouldn’t act like I’m doing some amazing thing because I get up in the night.”
Just Because I Get Up In The Night Doesn’t Mean I Deserve Praise


Love this!
Texas Triples Recess Time And Sees Immediate Positive Results In Kids


I needed to see this today…”Chances are you are probably sitting in a house thinking that you haven’t done enough. Or that you’re messing up your kids. Or you’re worrying that you should have done that. Or you’re kicking yourself for responding too short. Or you’re just feeling overwhelmed. Or stuck. Or like you’re failing.” If you are stuck in this spot, I hope this article will help your perspective. xo
A Mom Who Shows Up


Happy New Year! I was pleased to be asked to write a “Conscious Parenting Column” for the current Crazy Wisdom Journal. I chose to write about those moments before and after we lose it as parents. Let me know what you think! (This article is now on my blog as well.)
10 Tips For When Your Gentle Parenting Is Going Out The Window


5 Things Worth Saying To A Formula Feeding Mother


This list is worth putting up on your fridge!
20 Things To Say To Your Child Instead of “Don’t Cry”


Super adorable time-lapse pregnancy! Worth taking a minute to watch!
From Pregnancy To Twins In About 90 Seconds

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