Top 10 Posts On My Facebook Page in 2015

I took a  look back over my Facebook business page posts from last year to see which ones were the most popular, based on the number of views. It was fun to see them again!

Most of them relate to birth and the postpartum period, but #2 is more broad. Counting backwards from ten, here are our favorites. Did you see them all?

# 10

Who doesn’t love a good birth story? What if we all knew this much about birth when we were in second grade? Posted on September 11 from This Little Girl Narrated to Her Class How Her Baby Brother Was Born


Did we like the list,  or the reassurance that it was okay to “have no idea about babies?”  Number three on the baby shower list (postpartum doula support) actually encompasses the first four on the list. Posted August 7th from The Huffington Post by Jennifer Mayer:  How to Give the Best Baby Shower Gift Even Though You Have No Idea About Babies


One of my postpartum clients told me: “I used to eat more French bread, but it takes too long to chew.” What have you cut out now that you are busy with your parenting? Posted on September 1 from Belly Belly:  10 Things I Don’t Have Time For As a Mother


“The only people I know who did just fine in the postpartum period are those who score the triumvirate: well cared for in birth, surrounded by supportive peers, helpful elders to stay with them for a time.” This is such a beautiful, but honestly painful story of one woman’s birth and postpartum experiences. I see glimpses of so many women I know in her story. Posted March 25 from The Guardian: My Friend Breastfed My Baby


It is not wrong to feed a baby formula. It can save a baby’s life. The first rule of breastfeeding is “feed the baby” and when formula is the food, then we can be grateful for it. But the manipulation in formula advertising is wrong. The many ways we fail to support new mothers is wrong. Did you see the formula ad that went viral awhile back? This blog analyzes the big picture beautifully. Posted June 22nd from Breastfeeding Medicine Blog  by Casey Rosen-Carole, MD, MPH: Two Lies and A Truth: Formula Feeding Campaign is Off Base


I remember years back, hearing an interview in which the speaker said that Bill Gates needed time to “learn how to be rich.” Since then, I have appreciated seeing how he and his wife have decided to share their wealth. Today, I say “Bravo, Bill. You have arrived.” Posted on October 6 from LinkedIn: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Announces 52 weeks Parental Leave and Unlimited Time-Off


So many new parents experience the “social neglect” described here. I don’t deny that particular therapies or treatments are sometime necessary, but how much better do we all feel if we have the “social womb” described here? Posted on December 12 from the blog of Claudia M. Gold MD: Child In Mind: Is Postpartum Depression Really Postpartum Neglect?


Beautiful photos of a homebirth in Brazil. I love that the father stopped photographing before the baby was born, and didn’t take any photos for two hours afterwards, because he was staying engaged with his partner and the baby. Posted on September 5 from (via Bloom Business Solutions): A New Father Took Beautiful Pictures of His Girlfriend Giving Birth


“Not once did we discuss clothes or hair or bodies or who was pretty. It’s surprising how hard it is to stay away from those topics with little girls, but I’m stubborn.” Even when we know better, sometimes it’s helpful to have a reminder. Posted on June 23 from Latina How To Talk To Little Girls


Strike the balance that works for you and your family—from now and into the future! It might not be guilt-free, but hopefully, this article will encourage you to make “guilt-free-ish choices”, as a friend of mine put it. Posted on November 25th from Postpartum It’s Okay To Stay Home On Thanksgiving

I would love to connect with you on Facebook! Let me know which posts you like the best! My business page is Catherine Fischer, Support For Growing Families

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