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Parenting Support

Hand in Hand Parenting

All parents deal with some level of isolation, confusion, exhaustion and guilt. You are not alone!

You deserve respect, support and solid information that helps you to be the parent you want to be.

I am not currently able to offer Hand in Hand Parenting classes or consultations, but you can still get great parenting support–including the online Starter ClassPrivate Consultations, and more, directly through Hand in Hand Parenting.

You can also download the Hand in Hand Parenting resources below to learn how your family life can become happier and more relaxed.










upset toddler

10 Tips For When Your Gentle Parenting Is Going Out The Window

As parents, we’ve all been there, or we will be someday. Our busy lives create lots of pressure. It’s awful when the patience, perspective, mindfulness — or whatever we have been working to sustain or cultivate — just slips away from us. It may feel like everything is fine until, suddenly, it’s not. Or, we… Read more

6 Tips for Tough Parenting Moments

When our children’s emotions are running high, often ours are not far behind. Here are some gentle reminders for those moments when you are all having a hard time. 1. Trust that children are trying to express a need with their behavior, not manipulate you. 2. When a child’s behavior goes off track, try getting… Read more

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