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Congratulations on embarking on the biggest adventure of your life. I've been privileged to work with families for over 25 years, and as a Certified Postpartum Doula for more than 10 years. I have tremendous respect for the hard work of parenting. Let's talk about how I can help!


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Your Baby’s First Bath

By Catherine Fischer | August 6, 2022

Helping parents gain confidence with tub baths for their newborns is frequently part of my job as a postpartum doula. Once the umbilical cord stump has fallen off, you can switch from sponge bathing your baby to immersive baths. These often become lovely bonding times for parents and babies. There are many ways to go…

The Whys & Hows of Postpartum Herbal Baths

By Catherine Fischer | June 21, 2021

Benefits of postpartum herbal baths Postpartum herbal baths can be both physically and emotionally helpful. I have had clients tell me—sounding sort of amazed—how much physical relief from postpartum tenderness and pain they felt after taking tub or sitz herbal baths. The herbs help with healing, soothing, and preventing infection. A postpartum bath is also…

Baby Sleep Basics: Newborn Sleep

By Catherine Fischer | November 23, 2018

Sleep: yours, your partner’s, the baby’s….where do we begin?   Society would have us focus on the babies and the correct way to “train” them to sleep well.  But wading through the conflicting information (which all seems to be supported by research) in your state of exhaustion only adds to the confusion. That’s why this rant about…

Helping Children Adjust To A New Sibling

By Catherine Fischer | August 15, 2017

Having siblings is wonderful and a special relationship like no other. Of course parents want to support close and caring relationships between our children. You can see from the excitement and adoration many children show when a new child arrives, that great love and closeness are possible and natural. At the same time, having a…

4 Playful Tools to Reduce Sibling Rivalry

By Catherine Fischer | August 14, 2017

If your family is stressed by sibling rivalry, there is hope! Games which bring siblings together as a team to defeat their parents (all in good fun) are good for sibling relationships! You play the role of the less smart and capable, less powerful one, the one the kids can laugh at together and team up…

3 Things Children Need Us To Know When They Hit Or Bite

By Catherine Fischer | June 1, 2017

1.  Children Who Hit or Bite Have Lost Their Sense of Connection After young children pass through the stage of hitting experimentally, which is a stage that passes early on, if they show aggressive behavior, they need your help. It might not be obvious from the outside, but when children hit or bite others, they…