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Parenting Tips

Free downloads to help with your parenting challenges

Parents of Newborns

Hand in Hand Parenting provides support and helpful information for new Moms and Dads on everything from Responding Well to Crying to Helping Baby Sleep to Handling the “Baby Blues” in these short, easy to use audio files.

Transition to Toddlerhood

Of course it can be difficult to live with a toddler! They can be loud, messy, demanding, and insist on trying to do lots things for themselves that they aren’t actually able to do yet. If you ever feel like you are living with an emotionally explosive time bomb, get ready to understand how your little one ticks and how to defuse stressful situations from nap time to sharing.

We’ve collected together Hand in Hand’s best thinking about the toddlerhood transition to help you keep up and keep calm as your sweet baby stands, runs, and learns to say, “No!”

Your download also includes lots of links to in-depth solutions to help you both along the way.

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