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Life with Babies

Newborn Sleep

Baby Sleep Basics: Newborn Sleep

Sleep: yours, your partner’s, the baby’s….where do we begin?   Society would have us focus on the babies and the correct way to “train” them to sleep well.  But wading through the conflicting information (which all seems to be supported by research) in your state of exhaustion only adds to the confusion. That’s why this rant about… Read more

Siblings and new baby

Helping Children Adjust To A New Sibling

Having siblings is wonderful and a special relationship like no other. Of course parents want to support close and caring relationships between our children. You can see from the excitement and adoration many children show when a new child arrives, that great love and closeness are possible and natural. At the same time, having a… Read more

Beyond Baby Boot Camp: Five Essential Tips For New Dads

  Dads are so great. You play, you provide, you nurture, you support. Often, dads find that they love their children more than they ever thought it was possible to love. And yet, I think it’s safe to say that most new fathers are in for a shock. No matter how ready you try to… Read more

Three Reasons Why Postpartum Support Is Not Just For Mothers

I once got the sweetest client feedback when a new father wrote: “You helped me to find the bond with my son.” I don’t mean to imply that men cannot do this on their own, but, for this particular father I was able to help him build his confidence in that bond. How did this… Read more

Lightbulb Moment At The Kitchen Sink, Or, How I Became A Doula

  How I Became A Postpartum Doula “How did you become a doula?” Many of my new clients ask me this.  I always tell them about my trip to Seattle to visit my brother and his family after their second baby was born.  I loved playing with my older nephew, talking with my brother and… Read more

Postpartum Tip Roundup: Planning For Life With New Babies

Searching Google images for “plan for baby” brings up hundreds of images of baby showers and toys.  A search for “postpartum plan” yields exercise plans.  While I don’t want to downplay the importance of baby showers and exercise, these search results are a sad reflection of how little idea we have of what to expect… Read more