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Expert Doula Tips

When Birth Doesn’t Go As Hoped

A woman’s experience giving birth will stay with her for the rest of her life.  I haven’t met many women who’ve had enough opportunities to talk about and process their birth experiences. When a woman feels disappointed or traumatized by her birth, then the need to process the experience on her own terms is often stymied by… Read more

For the major life event of childbirth, filling out a pre-made form as a plan may not be enough for you. It’s your body, your mind and your birth. Every woman approaches childbirth in her own way. If you are a “planner,” then filling out a pre-made birth plan form may not feel like enough… Read more

Do You Have The Balls For Childbirth?

Birth balls are a great tool for your pregnancy, labor and even for newborn care. Just another name for the exercise ball you may already have at your house, the big round birth balls are good to sit on, lean on and bounce on and can be used to facilitate labor progress. Here are a… Read more