Best of 2018

Best of 2018

Joy. Connection. Encouragement. Information. Humor. That’s what the best social media sharing gives us as parents. We can lose all of these important perspective-shapers during our tough moments/days/years. Here are the Facebook shares that we loved the most this year, because they reminded us of what is true or relieved stress and isolation with a shared moment of laughter or fun. Enjoy!

#10   Birth Photos of LGBTQ Families

Every year, some set of birth photos makes it into this list! This year it was “a powerful reminder that love defines families.”

#9   Emoji Parenting

A whole bunch of us had fun with this game: “The first six emojis on your phone describe your parenting style.”

#8   Finding Joy In The Story You Are Living

It hasn’t been exactly what we expected, has it, friends? But it can be so good anyhow.

#7   My Kids Make A Lot Of Plans 

See this cute meme for the punchline.

#6    Video:  Kids Meet A Gynecologist

This video just gets better, more endearing and powerful as it goes on. I loved everyone in it. Watch the whole thing if you can!

#5   When Can We Come See The Baby?

This pretty pink little meme says so much with so little.

#4   Video:  I Was The Perfect Mom Until I Had Kids

Truth Bomb Mom–hiding in her pantry, guzzling coffee from the pot– puts her spin on how we “get” parenting and get humbled in new ways once we actually become parents.

#3   Why You Should Encourage Your Kid’s Very Specific Obsession

What fascinates your children? In our family, it was big trucks and tools at the beginning. I remember a neighbor coming over, meeting our two-year-old son and asking, “Did he just say…channel locks?”

#2    Baby Sleep Basics Video

So, I got this free trial of a video-making platform.  It helps you turn blog posts into videos. I spent way too much time trying to make cool videos with it and came to the conclusion that canned video isn’t my medium–it felt weird condensing important info to a few snippets. But, perhaps it was worth it to reach more people?  It did get a lot of views and shares. For the full scoop, check out my blog post —Baby Sleep Basics

#1   100 Hilarious Parenting Tweets From 2018 That Deserve A Round Of Applause

Because I know most of you don’t have time to read all the way down to #100, which was my favorite: “You know when you’ve plugged your phone into a charger only to discover the charger wasn’t ever plugged into an outlet therefore your phone actually hasn’t been recharged at all?  That’s what going to sleep for the night as a parent is like.”

Here’s wishing you a joyful, connected and somewhat rested 2019!



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