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Parenthood is a journey

Sometimes we just need a hand to get to where we want to be.

Whether you are pregnant with your first child, or already navigating life with children, you may be feeling excitement, confusion, exhaustion, worries or joy — each in turn or perhaps all at once! Too often, we try to manage it all on our own, but I’ll let you in on a secret: none of us are made to parent without help.

Catherine Fischer Doula

Hi, I’m Catherine.
In my mind, your parenting is even more than a labor of love…it is a social justice tool that makes the world a better place. Let’s make sure you have support for the important work you’re doing!

Love, trust, connection, learning and the dishes.

On the one hand, we parents would do anything for our children. On the other hand, our daily lives interfere with being the parents we want to be as we try to balance time pressures, conflicting information and advice, exhaustion and confusion in the face of our children’s big needs and sometimes perplexing behavior. We are often overwhelmed by our own feelings. No wonder we feel lost and unsure at times!

With knowledgeable, caring support in birth, postpartum and parenthood, you can define your best path as a family with confidence. I help you stay connected to your strengths, trust your instincts and create a supportive community. I’ve worked with families for over 20 years, and have tremendous respect for the hard work of parenting. I feel privileged to support families through this extraordinary journey. For questions regarding COVID19 precautions, please see my FAQ page.

Let me help you to feel more confident and to enjoy your parenting experience more fully.


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